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    paul wheaton's daily-ish email

    find out about my latest stuff

    Permaculture stuff: I try to put out one new thing a day. A video, a podcast, an article, etc. Sometimes, I go a week or two without anything new. Sometimes I have three new things in one day.

    PNW stuff: I find that I travel through Oregon, Washington and Idaho a lot. If I am going to be speaking or looking for video opportunities or just coming through an area, I'll post something here. I suspect that this is something where I won't post anything for a month or two, and then put out two or three posts in a week.

    Missoula stuff: Since I live in Missoula, I have stuff to announce here a couple of times per week. It might be an announcement of a presentation I will be giving, or of a new video I have about something in Missoula, or an upcoming workshop I'm involved in.

    World domination stuff: Learning how to get my message out more requires me to constantly learn - so sometimes I ask people "go to this website, click on X, and we'll see what happens when a bunch of us do that." While most of this sort of thing happens in the tinkering forum, some folks don't wanna check into the tinkering forum every day. So this makes for an easy way to let folks know that we are attempting to do something. I suspect that a month will pass without anything on this list - and then I'll send out one or two in a week.

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